"I come from a household where gravy is considered a beverage."

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Sydney Royal Easter Show

"The Sydney Royal Easter Show is
the largest annual event staged in Australia, attracting on average around one
million Showgoers each year. Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park is
transformed to play host to a festival that is unique to Australia and its
diverse cultural and rural heritage. The Show runs for 14 days over the Easter
period and is a pinnacle event enjoyed by Australians of all ages...Whether it’s
a culinary feast you desire or a day of adrenaline pumping action, fireworks and
fashion, rides and races, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is your ticket to the
real Australia. "

-Sydney RAS

Fairground Food: Shaved Ice

Royal Easter Show Cake Awardees

Fruitcake...yes, I know what you're thinking!

I have yet to meet someone who loves to eat fruitcake but when I saw these babies, I knew I had to get a few photos. Now I know why these have become the customary Christmas gift...they're so darn pretty--or at least the well made ones are! I have to admit though that not one of the fruitcakes we've ever received over Christmases past have looked anywhere near as nice as these Royal Easter Show winners.

Royal Easter Show Food & Vegetable Art

Tens of thousands of fruits and vegetables go into the making of these MASSIVE "sculptures." I made sure that there were onlookers when I took these photos so you could get an idea of the displays actual size.

Fairground Food: Carnival cafe & chips

Fairground Food: Cream filled waffles

Hand pressed waffles are quickly rolled into tubes and filled with sweet dairy cream. This goes straight to the hips..don't say I didn't warn you!

LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Steak Burgers & chips

This is the kind of sandwich you usually find at markets and fetes, and one that I've loved at first bite...how could I not like a tender slab of meat sandwiched between a soft roll and garnished with caramelized onions and lettuce? Drizzle some barbecue sauce and chow down with chips(thick-cut fries) that have been liberally dusted with chicken salt. Honestly, after a meal like this I don't know why I even bothered with the diet Coke!

Fairground Food: Swagman's Roast


Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

"To Santa the bigest one is for rudolph
and pick the other carets and just pick
the two last ones for the best working reindeers.
the bigest is the one with no stalk."
Quinito, age 8

We figured Santa would enjoy a nice glass of red ,Stroopwafels and a chocolate covered German pretzel instead of the usual milk & cookies...I'm sure we got a big nod of approval from old St. Nick(wink! wink!).

The Batard Bastard

This artisan bread is said to be the inferior cousin of the baguette--hence the translation Batard=bastard...but don't let that turn you off! This crusty loaf is chewy on the inside with a fantastic mouthfeel and is wonderful for sandwiches. Long live the Bastard!

LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Flowerpot Scones at the Wayzegoose Cafe

If your travels find you in Leura(on the way to the Blue Mountains in Sydney), don't forget to stop over at the Wayzegoose Cafe. This charming little place is often packed to the brim with people ready to dig into their Flowerpot Scones. Traditional english scones are baked(as you order) in adorable little terracotta pots and served with a huge dollop of clotted cream and jam on the side.

The Wayzegoose Cafe, Leura NSW

The Bee's Knees

This is my mom's favorite breakfast...sweet & creamy vanilla yogurt sprinkled with bee pollen. Bee pollen is an energy-boosting nutritional supplement, gathered from flowers and collected on bee's legs as they forage for nectar.
Known as one of nature's most complete foods, bee pollen has a wide range of health promoting nutrients - 18 amino acids, more than 12 vitamins, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes, 14 beneficial fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates and is even low in calories.

LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Italian Scrambled Eggs

Soft, shimmery eggs are cooked with prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, parsley and served with lashings of Hollandaise on top of garlic infused toast. Now THAT'S how I like to start my mornings!

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

This Aussie icon has been around since 1945 and boasts a client list of famous political figures and celebrities(Russel Crowe also happens to live right around the corner). Brave the midnight queues and grab yourself a Tiger Pie--beef pie with mashed potatoes, gravy and mushy peas or a hotdog with creamy cheese, grilled onions and mushy peas.
Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Wooloomooloo Bay, Sydney

LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Caramels au Beurre Sale'

Ooooh la la! Smooth buttery caramels liberally sprinkled with sea salt--the French knew what they were doing when they created this decadent treat! The sea salt cuts through the sweetness of the caramels allowing you to eat more than you actually should!

Let them eat cake!

Marie Antoinette would have been proud!
This old world cake shop holds shelves groaning under the weight of numerous pastries, cookies and cakes. Standouts are the Italian Cannoli--a crispy fried pastry shaped in a tube and traditionally filled with sweetened ricotta cheese but are equally good filled with yellow custard and half-dipped in chocolate--and the Melting Moments which are 2 buttery shortbread cookies sandwiched together with a smooth vanilla filling. Yummmmy!
The Acland Cake Shop, Acland St., St. Kilda, Melbourne

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Daily Bread

"Prosciutto, real egg mayo, whole grain French mustard and the BEST commercial white bread I have had the pleasure of eating."

Saturday Morning at Freshie's

"Typical Saturday morning fare at Freshwater Beach or 'Freshies' as the locals like to call it."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Mini Gelato Cones

"Tiny sugar cones filled with mango, raspberry, hazelnut, vanilla, mint and chocolate gelato generously dipped in delicious chocolate coating."